Vital Ki 005

Atanacio Perez

The tree I created is like a topographical representation of the region of Japan that was affected by the earthquake tsunami. My drawing shows a dark bare tree with sharp and smooth edges like a coral reef. The tree’s leafless body represents the land. The leaves, which would represent life or the physical body, are not present. This tree was intended to appear as if it was the last man standing is a huge forest fire, crisp interior and leafless but still alive. In time its leaves will come back. As long as the internal structure and the land are still strong it will continue to grow, bigger and stronger and its beauty will spread through out the rest of the forest as it to recovers from its wounds.

Vital Ki  002

Christina Rodriguez

I have greatly admired the Japanese culture since I was a child. I was deeply saddened when I heard of the tragedy that befell Japan. It was very disturbing to me how such a beautiful place; a beautiful essence was taken away so suddenly. I became interested in the tree project, Vital Ki, for the HopeActLove exhibit due to how natural and beautiful trees are. In my mind whenever I would think of Japan I always thought of nature, their beautiful trees. Trees provide so much meaning to the people of Japan. Trees have always represented to me wisdom, new growth, and new life. This to me is the essence of the Japanese culture, natural beauty, wisdom, being able to appreciate that beauty and wisdom. At this time for the Japanese people that has been taken away. If I can give some of that beauty back to them, and bring peace to their hearts then it will bring peace to my heart. Maybe our trees can inspire new life, help sustain perseverance and send a message that the Japan is not alone. There are so many people who care and want to bring peace to many souls and hearts. Drawing the trees provides me with a sense of renewed hope for the people of Japan.

This project has greatly affected me. I hope that we can really make a difference and help many people with the work we are doing. For me, it is a brilliant, surreal experience working on a project of this scale for such a beautiful cause. It all seems so challenging. Also, working with my peers and trying to have a cohesive synergy, which I think is reflected very well in everyone’s drawing. It is a very heartwarming experience to work amongst people that seem so different but all have so much in common. My best wishes to everyone and especially to the people of Japan.

Vital Ki 001

Milton Vivas

When I was drawing my tree I felt that I was drawing a map from nature. When we see trees in the street we don’t always see how great they are. In the beginning it is just a seed. To me it represents power, creativity, an enormous life-giving source. It starts from almost nothing and then you see a huge protective, fruitful tree. There is a lot of mystery there. When I was doing the details of the drawing I felt that nature is trying to say something through the trees. Each one is unique like a fingerprint. Perhaps the tree holds knowledge that in time has been lost to humans.